Screen Repair

Tablet screens are prone to cracks and scratches due to accidental drops or impacts. Screen repair services involve replacing damaged screens with new ones, restoring visual clarity and touch functionality. Skilled technicians carefully disassemble the tablet, remove the old screen, and install a new one, ensuring proper alignment and functionality

Camera Repair

Tablet cameras may experience issues such as blurry images, lens scratches, or malfunctioning autofocus. Camera repair services involve diagnosing the problem, which may include cleaning the lens, replacing damaged components, or recalibrating the camera module to restore optimal image quality and functionality

Battery Replacement

Over time, tablet batteries may degrade, leading to issues such as rapid draining, failure to hold a charge, or the inability to power on the device. Battery replacement services involve safely removing the old battery and installing a new one, extending the tablet's battery life and improving overall performance.

Charging Port Repair

Tablet charging ports can become damaged or worn out from frequent use, resulting in issues such as difficulty charging or intermittent connectivity. Charging port repair services involve inspecting the port for damage, cleaning debris or corrosion, and repairing or replacing the port as needed to ensure a secure and reliable connection for charging.